Courses Taught


I have taught 23 courses at the post-secondary level. Here are some highlights:

Bollywood: The Culture of Indian Cinema

Course Description (Fanshawe College)                  

This course examines the emergence of Bollywood as a global phenomenon and situates popular Indian cinema within the field of global film studies.  The course is organized around three units: Bollywood, South Asian diasporic films, and Hollywood.  By assuming a comparative perspective, we will explore the cultural intersections of some of the most iconic Bollywood and Hollywood films of the last 20 years.  Particular attention will be paid to the impact of globalization on representations of gender, race, and nation while also considering how diasporic films emerge as a “hybrid” cinema that mediates questions of cultural identity.  In this manner, the course will engage in the crucial debates of gender and race that continue to shape global film culture(s) in our modern world.

Reason and Writing

Course Description (Fanshawe College)

This course will introduce students to essential principles of reading, writing, and reasoning at the postsecondary level. Students will identify, summarize, analyze, and evaluate multiple short readings and write persuasive response essays to develop their vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and critical thinking.

Professional Communication

Course Description (Fanshawe College)

This course develops students’ literacy and professional communication skills. Students focus on current business issues and convey relevant meaning in oral and written formats. Main tasks include writing reports and other relevant business documents (like letters, memos, short reports); communicating in groups (including meetings); awareness of multicultural communication and diverse audiences; the job search (including resumes and cover letters); business rhetoric in speaking and writing; summarizing and evaluating current business-related readings; delivering presentations; researching and documenting reports using APA; and self-editing skills. Students complete weekly assignments based on course content.

Communication for Media

Course Description (Fanshawe College)

This course, designed for students who plan to work in the field of media, focuses on professional written and verbal communication skills. Students learn to prepare a variety of work-related documents. In addition, students learn about research methods and documentation formats. The principles of effective writing – organization, grammar, style, clarity, and tone – are reinforced throughout the course. The goal of the course is to prepare students for the communication tasks and considerations they will encounter in the media workplace in order to meet the needs of employers and/or the communities they will serve.