Intercultural Teaching Competence (ITC)

I co-developed the Intercultural Teaching Competence Framework with Nanda Dimitrov in order to synthesize and articulate best practices in teaching in diverse classrooms. The following articles describe the framework and outline the results of a qualitative study we conducted to explore how the competencies are used by instructors across the disciplines.

  1. Dimitrov, N. & Haque, A. (2016).  Intercultural teaching competence: A multidisciplinary framework for instructor reflection. Intercultural Education. Special Issue: Learning at Intercultural Intersections. 27(5), 437-456.       
  2. Dimitrov, N. & Haque, A. (2016). Intercultural teaching competence in the disciplines: Teaching strategies for intercultural learning. In Pérez, G. Garcia-Perez & C. Rojas-Primus (Eds.) Promoting Intercultural Communication Competencies in Higher Education. (pp. 89-118). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

What is Intercultural Teaching Competence?

Read a short description of the framework.

Workshops facilitated on ITC

A list of the workshops I have facilitated for faculty at various institutions using the ITC Framework.